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3 Ways to grow your MUA business in low season

It's safe to say that 2020 has been a tough year for a lot of businesses, particularly the wedding industry. During the first lock down, so many businesses on social media just stopped posting and disappeared completely. Other under the radar businesses took the opportunity to become more visual as more people visited Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok.

Over the years I have understood that even in low seasons, there is always ways to grow your MUA business. So, when the first lock down took place, I was one of those businesses that became more visual because I had more time since all the weddings were postponed. I started talking to my followers, doing more creative makeup looks and even did some virtual collaborations with other wedding suppliers.

As with every industry, even in slow season, or in our case a pandemic, you have to continue working. There is always plenty of ways to keep engaged with your audience and use the time productively instead of going into hibernation until the season kicks back in. You see, this is your time to get closer to your audience and attract new clients.

Here’s what you can do to grow your MUA business in the slow seasons:

# Learn to plan

You may have heard of the phrase "Failing to plan is planning to fail" and I truly believe this. Planning is the difference from succeeding and failing. To grow your business you must plan out your content on what you are going to post. Get into the habit of planning your weekly content complete with images, captions and hashtags. If you have it planned out in advance, you won't get brain freeze and back out of posting at the last minute! Don't worry, we've all done it before we knew how to plan ahead!

# Learn new systems

There is always new systems or apps coming out that other MUAs use, so why not use this quiet period to educate yourself on the benefits of them and, if it's a good fit for you then learn how to use it. Instagram loves followers who are early adopters to their latest feature, so it will work well for you to learn the latest Instagram Reels feature for example, and think how you can use if for promoting yourself to your audience.

# Hone in on your skill

This is a given. Slow season is the perfect time to practice your skills and get better. Online and virtual classes were booming over the first lock down because everyone was thinking to upskill or learn a new skill.

SO you see, there is always plenty to do in slow season, and if you share everything with your audience, you are engaging with them aswell to be part of your journey and life.

Remember, you may not have clients right now but you are warming your future potential clients!

Do you have any questions about growing your MUA business? We have an online coaching membership opening soon that is specifically designed for new or struggling Makeup Artists to help them with their business.

Sign up below to be notified when the membership goes live.

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