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5 steps to transition from day to evening makeup look

For a lot of us, summer evenings usually consists of family BBQs or evening get togethers. And why not, we should be embracing the long evenings and lovely warm weather! But often this means having to head straight from work and without time to change your makeup. So, here’s how you can look refreshed and suitably made up with a sultry and dramatic look quickly — straight from your office bathroom.

Essentials: Make sure you are always equipped with these essential products in your on-the-go beauty bag for a snappy transitions:

• Oil blotting sheets • Black eyeliner / kohl pencil • Mascara • Bronzer • Angled brush • Dark lipstick • Concealer or foundation

Here’s your five steps to a flawless night time look: Step 1. Shine control As far as complexion goes, oil blotting sheets are everything! Seriously, they freshen up your face like magic, and you don’t have to worry with the potential heaviness of a compact powder. Just press a sheet against your shiny skin to absorb excess oil and leave behind clean, matte skin. If you feel like you have some redness or blemishes that was uncovered by the day’s oils, gently) reapply concealer or foundation only on areas that need a bit of disguising.

Step 2. Touch up your eyes Build on your daytime eyeliner by thickening the line on the top lash line and bottom waterline. Or you can go for a classic cat eye! Don’t be scared – just focus on the outer corner of your eyelids by extending your liner past the outer corner of your eye and pointing it toward your brow end to get an instant lift. If you don’t want to use a liquid eyeliner, you can also use a kohl pencil to outline your top and bottom lash lines and with your pinky finger, use to smudge the lines slightly to give a more sultry effect.

Step 3. Wide awake Add a fresh coat of mascara to your top lashes look more wide awake and lightly apply some mascara to your lower lashes using the tip of the wand.

Step 4. Quick contour Definition is a must for evening-outs because it can make you look more polished. Bronzers are your best friend if you want to achieve a subtle contour. Try a bronzer that has a slight shimmer to give you that summer goddess look. Apply the bronzer with an angled brush, diagonally under the cheekbones toward the temples, under the chin and along the jawline. Don’t forget to blend each step of the way.

Step 5. Go for bold lips If you are looking for major drama then definitely go one or two shades darker for the lips at night. We find that red is the best statement lippie for finishing off your evening look. Try cult shades such as reddish browns to really create a statement look and be evening ready.

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