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New Artist = New Tools!

As a newly qualified makeup artist, the first things you will need to do is build up the perfect kit with all your favourite products. Your kit are the tools you need to succeed as a MUA, so this is something that we recommend you build up with careful consideration. Over time, you will develop a unique style, therefore the products you use will always be changing and adapting. Of course there are certain essential tools you need in your kit however, the brand, colours and any additional items are something that is unique to you and your type of clients.

As a graduate of ABM PRO London, a complete product list is provided to help our Artists build up their kits without difficulty.

As a reminder, here we have provided essential basic items below that would help newly qualified Artists who are just starting to build up their makeup kits:

HYGIENE: We place a very high emphasis on hygiene and safety when it comes to our ABM PRO London courses. Sanitisation of your brushes and makeup products is essential to avoid cross contamination therefore you it is essential include 70% isopropyl alcohol spray, sanitising wipes & brush cleaning formula. Even when you are going from one booking to another, you need to use clean brushes and spray down your makeup products before usage.

SKIN PREP: To create a flawless makeup look, you need to prep the skin like a canvas ready to be painted. Cream cleanser, toner & moisturiser with cotton pads is another essential tool to have in your kit. With moisturiser, we recommend using a premium range that has SPF and anti-ageing properties. Also, you should pay close attention to the clients skin during the cleanse and tone process as depending on the clients skin type will determine what time of moisturiser you need to apply. For example if the client has oily skin, you will want to apply a light non greasy moisturiser that will avoid clogging up the pores.

ESSENTIALS: The number one essential tool you need is having a good set of makeup brushes. No magic being created without a good set of synthetic makeup brushes! Other products you will need are mascara wands, lip wands/brushes, wedge sponges, Q-Tips and facial wipes.

BASE: Despite what most people think, MUAs do not carry 10 shades of foundations with them! Here is where you get smart! We recommend you get a light, medium and dark shade with a light and dark adjuster drops that tailors to the clients skin tone.

CONCEALER: This is similar to the foundation technique above, with 3 basic shades of light, medium and dark. Here we recommend having cream and compact concealers that would be suitable for matching specific skin tones and also double up as contour and highlighting products.

POWDER: We recommend having translucent loose powder in your kit which can be used for universal skin colours. When selecting a translucent powder, do ensure to purchase one that has no flash back on photos. This is super unflattering and your clients will not thank you for this!

BLUSH: We recommend purchasing blusher palettes that have a mixture of shades, suitable for the different types of events as well as the different skin tones of clients. Include one palette that has matte colours and one that has shimmers, with a range of light to dark shades.

EYELINER: Invest in neutral (black and brown) colors - the eyeliner can include your application of choice; pencil, gel, or liquid. You may want to consider a few different application techniques, to see what you are most comfortable with using (and in different settings they will require different products and methods of application!)

EYE SHADOW: If there is one thing that MUAs have an abundance of, that is EYE SHADOWS! Again, invest in palettes that have an arrange of shades in mat and shimmer finishes. When selecting colours, you may want to have your clients in mind to understand what they would like. I.e. for an Asian bride it would be gold shimmer, for a civil look it would be matt neutral colours, and a party client it would be smokey brown shades.

LIPSTICK: Consider a lip palette, as similar to the blush & eye shadow palette - clients will request different shades, and a palette allows you to mix to also create your ideal colour

OTHER TOOLS: Other tools you will need in your kit are primers, mascaras and lip balms.

In the beginning, it is very easy to become carried away and buy lots of products but you must remember that you will be carrying these products with you to each booking therefore, you need to pack smartly as well as packing lightly.

The cost also adds up very quickly, but it is important to mention that you mustn’t skimp on quality products. While you do not need to invest in the most expensive brands, it is also important to not select the least expensive brands either - middle range professional brands are key to a professional's appearance!

Still feeling a little overwhelmed? That is why we have created The NEW PRO Makeup Kit for our Academy students - hand selected by our industry professional educators, this kit will kick start your education and career! Our makeup kit includes some of our favourite brand name products (NARS, MAC, Inglot, and more!) for you to experiment with and build upon. Once students are registered on our courses, we send them the full list of products and we are always her to help figure out the perfect products for your unique makeup kit.

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