New Bridal Campaign - Summer 2022

Some of you who follow my social accounts would have seen my latest bridal campaign - MASTANI | مستانی | ਮਸਤਾਨੀ | मस्तानी

This campaign was very special to me as I was able to officially work as a creative director to come up with an amazing shoot concept that represented the modern woman of today. This shoot was put together to also represent the creative team behind ABM PRO London.

In English definition, MASTANI translates to "someone who is carefree, happy within one's self, in love". A carefree soul, that is what I see when I meet my brides and clients. Strong spirited and powerful women whose natural beauty radiates through.

I worked with a fantastic group of creatives who all worked incredibly hard to bring this campaign to the huge success it is proving to be.

I hope you love this campaign as much as I do! More bridal inspo to come...until then, stay happy and stay blessed xxx