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Well Known Secret in the Makeup Industry

Like me, many of today’s established makeup artists never really had the intention of going in the makeup industry.

One of the reasons I stumbled into this career path y was because I was hugely bored of my current admin job at the time. The same tasks, the same people, the same office, day in and day out. It felt so mundane, and something I could do with my eyes closed! It simply wasn’t challenging me in any way and I felt I had plateaued. Was this it? Would I have to spend the rest of my working life doing a job that gave me 0% satisfaction? I remember expressing my concerns at one of my end of year reviews, where I explained that I wasn’t being stimulated and no longer progressing further. What do you think happened? YES! I was given more responsibilities and more work but yet, I STILL WAS NOT HAPPY!

The motivation to do something totally different, something fun and something that gave me satisfaction started to creep in. I am a true believer of following your gut feeling and recognising certain signs as a message that has been sent for me. The universe was showing that another exciting life was waiting for me, if I was willing to unblock my fear of doing something new.

FEAR Did you know that getting rid of the fear of failing is key to the success of any new venture!

In order to fulfil your dreams of becoming a Makeup Artist you need to overcome these fears! I get it, I really do. I was there 12 years ago questioning myself exactly the same things that you are asking yourself now:

  1. I cannot afford to spend a lot of money – Learning doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. The important thing to remember is in order to do your work well and efficiently, you need to have quality recognised training. What I mean by recognised training is that you need to select a training provider that is associated with known trade bodies like The Guild of Beauty Therapists, because they have ensured that we give you full comprehensive training and after care to help you succeed. Quality training providers actually care about your future self, just like your school teachers and university lecturers did. That’s because the tutors are all trained teachers, who are qualified to teach, and most importantly ensure you are learning in the process. For us, we are in this business because we are passionate, not only in training the next generation of creative makeup artists, but also to mentor women to start their very own successful beauty business.

  2. I don’t have the time – My first son must only have been barely 6 or 7 months before the nagging feeling of discontentment came back at the thought of returning to a job I disliked. I decided to overcome my fear and take the plunge to invest in a brighter future for my family. I started to investigate various London makeup courses, and completed 2 intensive courses back to back in 1 month.  After completing those courses I soon realised that this was a very lucrative career as I was able to work as a makeup artist and make a substantial amount of money just by working on the weekends. Looking back now, I am really glad I took the step to doing my course. Starting a new career at the same time as having a new toddler is probably not something that many people would recommend however, I did it and have never looked back. Moral of the story; there is never a good time to do anything in life, you need to MAKE THE TIME IF YOU WANT YOUR LIFE TO CHANGE.

  3. What if I fail – This is a fear that every successful Makeup Artist has felt at the beginning of their career. It’s a natural feeling we all get when we embark on a new journey. It’s scary, of course it is! You are investing money and time into a venture that you have no clue about. It could fail, and you may end up losing the money you invested. It’s a scary thought yes, BUT! What if you were guided and mentored through the process? What if you were trained by a teacher who had experienced everything you are feeling now and was able to tell you the pitfalls to watch out for. What if you had guidance and advice on how to start your business, what you need to do and how to go about doing it? In every business you need to weigh out the odds. When I started my journey as a Makeup Artist I had no mentor. I had no business knowledge and not a clue where I needed to start. But I knew that if I didn’t at the least try, I was an automatic failure. Slow progress is definitely better than no progress at all. So remove this mental block of fear and unleash the possibilities.

  4. There are too many makeup artists – I won’t disagree with you on this one. Yes, there are a lot of makeup artists out there. And you’re probably thinking how on earth are you going to stand out, right? There is a reason why there are so many makeup artists in the industry. They quickly recognised that there is such a huge demand in the market, which seems to just be growing. Hiring a makeup artist has now become a luxury that everyone and anyone can afford, not just the brides getting married. The whole bridal and groom parties can hire makeup artists for a start! Then there are parties, special events, corporate events, social events, photo shoots, fashion shows, music videos, film and TV sets…the list is truly endless!  So, how do you stand out from the crowd? Well that comes from YOU! We hone the skills of our makeup artists to allow them to explore their creativity and produce a style that is unique to them. Style is something that will come with time, but with our expert guidance you will get there quicker and start attracting your niche type of clientele. Hiring a makeup artist is now considered as part of self-care, as more people now rely on makeup artists to make them look and feel beautiful and confident about themselves.

We have worked really hard to create an Academy that teaches fundamental elements of both theory knowledge and practical application of makeup artistry.

Our course focuses on teaching you various techniques that can be adapted to create a multitude of different bridal looks, including both Western and Eastern cultural styles.

Some of the looks we specialise teaching in is vintage, traditional and fashion looks!


Our next London 4 Day Pro Bridal Course starts on 5th October! Prior to this you must complete your theory assessments online that is crucial to the practical training.

Spaces are very limited!


  • Accredited certificate as a Professional Asian Bridal Makeup Artist by The Guild of Beauty Therapist

  • Complete Professional makeup brush set – to keep

  • Full demonstrations and 100% practical lessons with models

  • On trend bridal hairstyle demonstrations and practising, with hair extensions and professional tools

  • Professional hair tool kit – to keep

  • Portfolio images from your very own Professional photo shoot

  • Ongoing aftercare and guidance

If you are looking for financial security, a satisfying job and want to become your own boss then overcome your fears and  TRAIN WITH OUR ACADEMY!


If you have questions regarding this course, payment options or course curriculum then please feel free to contact us on

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