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Worried about starting a new venture?

I often hear makeup enthusiasts’ asking me questions such as ‘Could I be a good enough artist to offer this as a paid service?’; ‘Will my business work?’; ‘How long will it take for my MUA business to take off’; and or ‘Will I be able to gain clients?’ etc.

On receiving these type of questions, how can I explain to someone who doubt themselves? Where will this lack of confidence take them?

Eventually, I found a way where I ask them a question: ‘Why do you think your plan won’t work?’

And they, very quickly, come up with a handful of reasons - ‘there are too many makeup artists in the market’, ‘I don’t have enough money to train and buy all the makeup & hair products’, ‘I don’t know if I can learn everything in a matter of days’ or ‘other people I know have failed’ We have always lived in a world full of uncertainties even before COVID days, yet we still made plans for the future. It never stopped us from planning such as emigrating to a hot country or splashing out on an expensive holiday or buying an investment. Sometimes these plans work out well and sometimes they fail miserably. Point being is that we will never know the result of anything unless we don’t put our plans in practice and launch it.

I’ll be completely honest, launching a business as a MUA isn’t glamorous. However, these tough times do not mean it is the end of the road and you can’t start a business or go on a new career path. What is needed most in any business is your confidence and self-belief. We are fortunate to live in a time where information is available freely at our fingertips, so solving challenges and issues is not really a challenge at all.

There are more entrepreneurs coming into the market during this COVID time than ever before because people are realising that a single income stream is not enough when life can be uncertain. People are being made redundant, furloughed or looking for an extra income stream. So they are looking at alternative skills based training, a new career path or investing into a business.

You know the benefits of starting a MUA business, and you already have a passion for makeup, so why not try a career path that can offer you an improved standard of living with a lot more cash? 

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